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CC1101 Carrier Sense in Asynchronous Mode

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What is the purpose of using the carrier sense in Asynchronous mode?
It seems to me that the CS line would have to go high for some period of time before the data is sent / received in order
for the receiver to tell the micro that now is when you want to look for data. This really isn't possible with my design and I wonder what advantage there is to using it.

We use a header / footer in our data packet for decoding, seems to work pretty well. I can see how the CS line might guard against false data if the micro is not looking for data until told to look by the CS line but so far we've had zero false triggers. However, the using the CS line was presented to me as almost a must use...why?
Even if I could add a delay between the time the carrier powered up from the transmitter and when I started trasnmitting data, why bother? What advantage other than reducing micro usage would I gain?

Thank you


Here is my setup:

CC1050 Transmitter
915MHz Carrier
Asynchronous, UART
32KHz Deviation
76.8k Baud Rate
Data: 8 Bytes, 6ms transmit "on" time
1byte for header, 1 byte for footer (used for decoding signal from noise)

CC1101 Receiver
32KHz Deviation
76.8k Baud Rate

This is a battery operated transmitter, current consumption is key.
I can't use synchronous mode.