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Range question - 10mW/433Mhz vs 1W/915Mhz

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC1101, CC1120


I´m just start playing with RF, doing lots of research and readings. I´d really appreciate if someone could share some thought on the following issue, I apologize if this sounds obvious and didn´t find a previous post that clarifies it for me:

Considering low data flow (i.e.300 bps) which system below was supposed to get longer range under urban areas:

- 10mW 433Mhz (i.e CC1101 at TX and RX);
- 1W 915Mhz (i.e. CC1120+Skyword SKY65313-21 at TX and RX);

I do understand that there´s a lot of things to consider (walls, reflection, antennas, regulations, etc.) The point is I´m about to get a Development Board (just one right now) and since range is a concern (the farther the better) trying to start with the best option (can be changed later if needed). I´m inclined to 2nd option (1W) but when it comes to RF not sure about it.