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Z-stack 1.4.3 location sampleApp on cc2431

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I am trying to test the location engine on the  cc2431.

I have tested the sample hex-files that were given with the Z-location engine and found that results were poor.

i'm now trying to put the location sampleApp from the z-stack 1.4.3 on my cc2431 chips.

but when i try to load the blindnode hex-file or the dongle hex-file on the cc2431 it says it failed after checking if it was loaded correctly. does anyone know why that happens?

i commented the correct line in locationprofile.h for each corresponding device i wanted to create a hex-file for(blindnode, reference node or location dongle).

the reference node hex-file i made, is loaded correctly onto a cc2431, but doens't work when i try it in a network. But that's probably because i'm using dongle and blindNode hex-files from 1.4.2 with reference node from 1.4.3. Or am i mistaken and should that combo work?

I am also wondering, the cc2431 datasheet says it has 128kB program memory, but the hex files given with the Z-location engine are >200kB and so are the hex files generated by the location sampleApp (blindNode is  aprox. 250kB). 

if someone could shed some light on these questions, that would be great!