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About RF430cl330h

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How to program RF430cl330h to 14443b non NDEF Typical  Raw Tags?

  • Lin -

    if you look into the RF430CL330H source code, in the main.c file, you will find at the top that it declares RF430_DEFAULT_DATA is equal to NDEF_Application_Data[], then uses that variable (NDEF_Application_Data) further down (in same main.c) for configuring the tag for typical usage scenario

    now then if you go to the RF430_example.h file where RF430_DEFAULT_DATA is defined, you will see how it is set up for NDEF, starting with the AID for NDEF Application Select command coming from the reader. If you want it to respond to another AID inside a specific file select command and subsequent commands, you would start here to rework it to what you want.

    do you have a specific set of commands you want to use here? perhaps PSE or something else custom you could share with us so we can comment further?

  • Josh-

    Thanks for reply,

    In the fact we meet a compatibility problem that about RF430CL330H and NXP5442.

    We use RF430CL330H+mp430 to achieve NFC keyboard hardware and in developing driver for win8 system but it need NXP PCSC driver which is based on NXP’s proximity driver.

    NXP provide the driver for us but the driver not support NDEF Tags over PCSC and NDEF Tags mapped to Proximity Service only.

    NXP suggest us use Non NDEF to try and say that "you can access tag using ISO-7816 APDUs if Tag presented".

    Unfortunately the NFC keyboard can’t present at Proximity Provider which build in NXP5442 (Sony VAIO FIT 15E notebook, Win8.1 x64) but presented at other tablet or mobile phone which built in other chip.

    So we want to try if an ISO14443-3 Type B tag only can be presented at?

    In my view if we clear NDEF application memory (0x0000 to 0x0BFF) then the RF430CL330H will be an ISO14443-3 Type B tag only, Right?


    Best regards,


  • Abe - 

    can you clarify something? are you saying that you are trying to use 'Tap and Do' (specifically 'tap and receive') and these devices do not support that over PCSC driver provided by NXP for their 5442? 

    looks like they have not updated their driver since 2012 

    is that really the issue here? 

  • Johs-

    1. Our NFC Keyboard is a really NFC keyboard which are powerless (conduction from EMF of card reader) and all data communication via 13.56 MHZ RF interface.

    2. The Tap and Do or Proximity Provider only read data one time can’t continuous when tag tap.

    3. Our NFC Keyboard must send key code continuous so can’t use “Tap and Do” or “Proximity Provider”.

    4. We are use smart card reader which is base on Proximity Provider to do it.

    5. We are in clearing with NXP that if is a really issue. (Proximity Provider can’t find the RF430cl330H tag).  



  • Abe - 

    are you part of the group that did this? ==>

    if so, please email me directly at:

    we need to discuss a few things

  • Abe - 

    we looked at this again this morning - i made a mistake - while the code clearly loads the AID in the SRAM - the ROM code of the RF430 will overwrite it with D2760000850101, so any attempt to make the RF430Cl330H non-NDEF using the source code is futile. Sorry about that mistake. Also, i got your email we can discuss more things there, too. 

  • Hi Josh:

    We don't change any thing but change AID from D2760000850101(NFC tag type 4) to D2760000850100(NFC Forum type 4 tag) then the NXP pn5442 can find RF430CL33xH, We are in verifying with nxp,if any result will let you know.

    thanks for support!