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How to program NFC-DATALOGGER-EVM using MSP-FET?

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Does anyone know how can the NFC-DATALOGGER-EVM (TIDA-00524A) be programmed using MSP-FET?

From the BOM, it uses Mill-Max Receptacle, 6x1, 50mil.

Thank you

  • see Table 1 on page 14 here,


    then check out figure 2-3 on page 24: 

    this shows using SBW from JTAG emulator with the MSP430FR5969.

    from there you can see that you need power, ground, RST/NMI/SBWTDIO and TEST/SBWTCK connected  

  • Thanks Josh for your answer, but I'm not having a problem with pins connectivity. My problem is how to use the connector (female header), its 8 mm in length for 6 pins. Using jumper wires is not possible as they won't fit and using thin needles may cause a short circuit. So I want to know if there is another alternative.
  • sure - if you have an MSP430 LaunchPad (G2, -FR5969, etc) - you can get the Mill-Max connector that goes in J4 (PN and then plug in the TI Design board to program it or make a cable from that header to the JTAG emulator.

  • Thanks I'll give it a try.
  • Omar,

    I would like to make a clarification on Josh's suggestion.  You can use the emulator circuit on a launchpad, but the G2 launchpad will not work for programming the MSP430FR5969 as this device requires a newer updated ez-FET emulator.  I recommend using the FR5969 launchpad as I know this works.  To use the programmer on the eZ headers, you do need to remove the chip from the launchpad as some pins are shared.  You also must remove the reset resistor and cap near switch 1 since this would also conflict.  When I have used this board, we just removed all the components from the Launchpad(chip and resistors and caps).    

    If you want to use the MSP-FET, I suggest getting the mill max header that Josh suggested and making an adapter that would plug directly in to the datalogger board.