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Part Number: RF430CL331H
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A couple of months ago I was trying to get the NFC-DATALOGGER-EVM datalogger evaluation board to talk to my computer using the ACR122 USB reader. I gave up in the end as apparently there are some incompatibilities there. I now have the uTrust 3700F reader which other users on this forum have had success with. When the NFC-DATALOGGER-EVM is tapped to an NFC enabled phone, a header file with time, date, commands etc is displayed - although I still haven't been able to get my phone to send commands back to the logger. What I would like to know is what is the phone doing to trigger this response from the logger? What commands are being sent? I can't use the TI evaluation board reader since I need a finished product reader to go with my NFC enabled device. 



  • Bradley - 

    in this case, NFC Type 4B Tag Platform is being activated, selected and read out by the NFC enabled device (your handset or desktop reader) - this generally involves the commands below (and each has a response - not shown, so as to not confuse you): 

    REQB/WupB ==> to activate the tag 

    ATTRIB ==> to select the tag

    NDEF Application Select ==> to select NDEF Application

    Capability Container Select ==> to select the section of memory which holds this relevant data

    Read Binary ==> to read the capability container data

    NDEF Select ==> to select the NDEF section of memory which holds the data logger info

    Read Binary ==> to to read the length of the NDEF message

    Read Binary (with offset from the NLEN byte(s) that were read from above) ==> to get the payload (in this case the datalogger info)

    S(Deselect) ==> puts the card in the HALT state. 

    hope that helps

  • Thanks Josh,
    I now have it talking, up to the point of reading the data logger info. When I read the length, it comes back with 07 17 90 00 which I think means a payload length of 0x0717 bytes. When I use this figure in the next Read Binary command to read the data (00B000020717) I only get 7 bytes of data returned. I suspect it is in 'short' mode, but can't see where to change that. Any suggestions?

  • Hello Bradley,

    The Datalogger should support that by default so it could be an issue on the ACR122 USB Reader from my understanding of the datalogger firmware. It should send large amounts of data over the air in one request via chaining. Do you know if the ACR122 Reader supports the command you are using?
  • Hello Ralph,

    I am actually using the uTrust 3700F reader now, which, according to a couple of other web sites I have seen, can handle extended APDU commands. I can read up to 249 (F9) bytes of data using the read binary command before I get errors, and by using the offset I can read these 249 bytes from anywhere in the file, just can't read the whole file in one go. I have contacted Identiv, who make the reader, to see if they have any suggestions.