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[FAQ] *READ FIRST FOR NFC/RFID* Frequency Asked Question Guides and Answers for NFC/RFID Devices

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TRF7964A, TRF7970A, TRF7962A, TRF7960, TRF7963A, TRF7960A, RF37S114, DLP-7970ABP

Hello E2E Community,

We have released FAQ documentation for a number of our NFC/HF RFID devices.

These guides cover topics such as basic questions about portfolio, evaluation offerings, and software availability as well as some application specific technical topics like read range and board design.

TRF7970A and TRF7964A:

TRF7960, TRF7960A, TRF7962A, and TRF7963A:



Please check the appropriate FAQ first before posting to see if your question is already answered within.

Furthermore, it can be a good idea to search the E2E forums about your question as well as there are hundreds of answered posts that may already have an answer for you so you don't need to wait for us to get back to you!

Frequently Asked Questions for other NFC/RFID Devices

RF37S114 - 4mmx4mm ISO15693 Transponder

  1. Q: Why does the DLP-7970ABP not read this tag?

    A: NFC communication is based on magnetic fields which require coupling between the transponder antenna and reader antenna. Due to the small form factor of the RF37S114, it is difficult to impossible to get it to couple sufficiently with the antenna of the DLP-7970ABP. See this app note for details on what antenna sizes can work, and what read ranges are offered:

  2. Q: Does TI offer an evaluation module capable of reading the RF37S114?

    A: Unfortunately, we do not have an available EVM that can read this tag reliably. The obsoleted TRF7970ATB or TRF7960ATB could handle this, but they are not sold by TI anymore and would be difficult to find.

  3. Q: Can an Android phone read the RF37S114?

    A: As explained in Question 1 above, it is difficult to impossible to get a phone antenna to couple with the small form factor antenna of the RF37S114. This tag was never designed to be used with any phones, and this is an expected result. To work with phones, a typical form factor tag inlay needs to be used.

  4. Q: I can't read the RF37S114 beyond a centimeter, how can I get more range from this tag?

    A: The read range with an RFID reader of 200 mW output is expected to be under 2 cm in even ideal situations. The RF37S114 is a small form factor tag designed for closed loop systems where the tag will be placed in very close proximity of the RFID reader. Getting typical ISO15693 read ranges require a normal transponder inlay instead. See Section 2 of this app note for a summary of read range tests performed with the RF37S114: