CC2662R-Q1: Sw SPI integration development and test

Part Number: CC2662R-Q1

Hello Support Team,

I'm working in the integration of the CC2662R-Q1 chip for the wifi communication.

I've recevied the deverlopment kit and using the DEMO app I've prooven that the wifi communication Master-slaves is woking.

Now I need to check the communication via SPI from our microcrontroller (Tricore) to the  CC2662R-Q1.

  • Do you have any demo app where the SPI is already enabled?
  • is there any technical documentation with procedure on how to proove the SPI communication is working correclty?
  • Is there a list of word to send in order to check the correct behaviour of the CC2662R via SPI?

thanks and regards,

Valentino Rodio

  • Valentino,

    The CC2662R-Q1 does WBMS not WiFi. For any questions related to WBMS, please contact your local sales team and we will interface with them over email as we are limited in what we can say about our WBMS technology in a public forum like E2E.