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SENSOR-CONTROLLER-STUDIO: CC1310 Sensor Controller - code won't build, resolve errors


Having previously successfully built a project in CCS from Sensor Controller Studio, no getting this error:

static int scifFindLeastSignificant1(uint32_t x) {
#if defined(__IAR_SYSTEMS_ICC__) || defined(DOXYGEN)
return __CLZ(__RBIT(x));
#elif defined(__TI_COMPILER_VERSION__) || defined(__CC_ARM)
return __clz(__rbit(x));
return __builtin_ctz(x);
} // scifFindLeastSignificant1

error 1- can't resolve _clz

error 2 - can't resolve _rbit

I have re-installed Sensor Controller Studio , where are the aboves defined?

  • Please provide info regarding what version of the SDK you are using and what version of sensor controller studio you are using. With what version did it work and with what versions did it not work?

  • Hello Siri

    I am using SCS Version with patches 1,2, & 3

    I am not sure if the 'bug' started when I updated the  version.

    I am using SimpleLink CC13x0 SDK v.

    The compiler is TI (not GCC)

    Code composer studio is v

    What is odd that although the error is flagged, (in scif_framework.c) the application still builds if I do a clean / build.

    I haven't changed the SDK from any earlier version.  

  • To be able to help you with this one, I would need you to provide a complete example that makes us able to reproduce the problem.

    Use one of the examples provided in the SDK for our LPs and as a starting point, and add what is needed to show the error.

    You can then easily share files and/or explain the steps we need to do to be able to reproduce this.

    Not sure I understand how the project can build if there are errors. That does not make sense.