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LAUNCHXL CC13-90 EU Antenna Issue

Hello ,

We’ve bought a LAUNCHXL CC13-90 EU Rev 1.2.0 & FW Rev 1.0

We uploaded the firmware Serial_CC13xx_Collector_T2.hex on the launchpad .

We have done several test using this launchpad , and it work well.



Now we’ve tried to work with external antenna .

So we removed the A2 component and added the 0 ohm resistor for R158 as asked on the page 2 of the attached file.


Without connecting the Antenna on the SMA connector, the connection using the launchpad is succeed !

To confirm this behaviour , we have removed A2 component on a second LAUNCHXL CC13-90 Without adding the 0 ohm resistor.

We’ve got the same result.


Is this a normal behaviour of the board to connect even all Antenna is disconnected?

Is there any method to disactivate it?


Best Regards

  • A Launchpad, even without an antenna connected, will always be able to send/ receive but with poor RF performance. I typically use this when I want to do testing on my desk with RSSI levels that are more typical in the field. 

    To verify that you have done the connection correctly, if you connected the Launchpad with SmartRF Studio (not running fw), select the standard 50 kbps and have the TX and RX board 1 m apart, what is the RSSI of the received packets? If you have removed the antenna on either the RX or TX side I will expect that you will see RSSI of the received packet in the range  - 60 dBm. If you have antenna on both you will have a saturated RSSI reading (The RSSI will not change if you increase the distance between the boards up to a point).