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CC1310: Program works in debug but not after reset

Part Number: CC1310

We have develop a custom board with the CC1310F128RGZ and written a program.

The program runs as intended in debug, it also keeps running if the debug session is stopped but power is kept on.

But if we power cycle the program does not run, our LED does not blink.

If we run exactly the same program on our LAUNCHXL-CC1310, it runs after power cycle.

I cannot see any difference in the hardware, between the LAUNCHXL and our custom board, even the CC1310 is the same.

What could be the issue ?


  • What you describe is typically caused by issues with the 32 kHz xtal. When you debug the chip is prevented from going down in standby since the debugger require the JTAG domain on. Without the debugger a 32 kHz clock source is needed.

    - To verify if the xtal is an issue, set the 32 kHz RCOSC to be the LF clock source in the ccfg.c. If your LED now blinks, please request a layout and schematic review here: then we can take a look if we can see if the HW looks ok.

  • I found the problem. It was the ccfg.c file, that for some reason was not included in the build. After I included this file, it runs after a power cycle.
    It must have been the the missing setup of the clocks or something, that caused the problem.