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Setup for generation and post processing of a set of tones around 125 MHz

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DAC5681, ADS5463EVM, DAC38J84, 66AK2L06, ADC12J4000

We are interested on the generation of a set of tones in I and Q components  (i.e.: 10 tones, with possibility of tuning the frequencies separately) in the range 100-150MHz. Those tones would be later up converted (IQ modulated), applied to a DUT and then down converted (IQ demodulated)  and processed by a receiver card. We are looking for a set of cards able to generate and receive the base band I Q components in the 100-150 MHz range with a single firmware to control the generation of the tones and then to process them after passing the DUT (FFT, etc.) evaluating magnitude and phase ratios.

We tried with DAC5681 and ADS5463EVM controlled by HSDC GUI, but your support service explained us that is not possible to control both simultaneously (there is a possible trick unplugging the transmitter card, but we consider risky).

We have seen in your web page a product 66AK2L06 DSP+ARM® Processor JESD204B with ADC12J4000/DAC38J84 which seems could be useful for our purposes, but it is not clear for us how easy is to arrange to be used for our purposes, as it has a predefined demo and as we look for a plug and play solution running on a windows based PC.

Maybe you could give us advice about which modules, those mentioned or others, would be the most convenient for us to be used for our purposes with the most simple configuration (hardware-firmware-software). 

Kind regards

Juan Pablo Pascual