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Part Number: SIMPLELINK-CC13X2-26X2-SDK
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC2640

I’m seeing a scheduling problem in the bios support library and UART driver. I found that the driver pends until the receive buffer is full even if UART_DATA_TEXT and UART_RETURN_NEWLINE are selected.  I implemented a work-around printf function that receives one character at a time.. I still have a problem however. While pending, the calling task appears to spin, not allowing other same priority or lower tasks to run.   This is a problem for me since I need to implement two receiver channels.

Below is a list of problems I have found with this driver,  Has anyone else observed similar problems and have a solution?

  • UART_RETURN_NEWLINE returns after each character instead of each newline
  • UART_ECHO_ON doesn’t work
  • UART_DATA_TEXT doesn’t fix newlines
  • Most importantly, UART_MODE_BLOCKING doesn’t reschedule the task.  It spins, waiting for data.  This hogs the CPU and prevents this priority and lower priority tasks from running.

void uartIfInit(void)

    /* UART Init */
    UART_Params uartParams;
    uartParams.readDataMode  = UART_DATA_TEXT;
    uartParams.writeDataMode = UART_DATA_TEXT;
    uartParams.readMode  = UART_MODE_BLOCKING;
    uartParams.writeMode = UART_MODE_BLOCKING;
    uartParams.readEcho  = UART_ECHO_ON;
    uartParams.readReturnMode = UART_RETURN_NEWLINE;
    uartParams.stopBits   = UART_STOP_ONE;
    uartParams.parityType = UART_PAR_NONE;
    uartParams.baudRate   = 115200;
    // Add call backs UART parameters.
    uartParams.readCallback  = NULL;
    uartParams.writeCallback = NULL;

    // Open / power on the UART.
    uartHandle = UART_open(DEBUG_CONSOLE, &uartParams);

    //Enable Partial Reads on all subsequent UART_read()
    (void)UART_control(uartHandle, UARTCC26XX_CMD_RETURN_PARTIAL_ENABLE,  NULL);