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CC1120: control the cc1120 chip to TX 156.525Mhz Frequency.

Part Number: CC1120

I want to control the cc1120 chip to TX 156.525Mhz Frequency.

According to the datasheet, with the State Diagram below

1. Control the SIDLE register to put it in the IDLE state

2. Turn on the frequency synthesizer by controlling the SFSTXON register

3. Control STX register to make Transmit mode

4. Set TXOFF_MODE =00 to make Optional freq.synth.calibration state

5. Set the band frequency of the frequency you want to output (at this time, control the FS_CFG register)

6. Frequency TX register (Extended address -> FREQ2 ) ON

I did Register control according to the above procedure.

The register name and address I controlled, and the value written to the register are as follows.

1. SILDE register (address: 0x36), written value: 0x01

2. SFSTON register (address: 0x31), written value: 0x01

3. STX register (address: 0x35), written value: 0x01

4. RFEND_CFGO register (address: 0x2A), written value: 0x20 (TXOFF_MODE : TX)

5. SCAL register (address: 0x33), written value: 0x01

6. FS_CFG register (address: 0x21), written value: 0x06 (273.3~320.0 Mhz)

7. Extended address register (address: 0x2f), FREQ register (0x0C), 0x01

As a result, I didn't get any frequency output from the cc1120

Please let me know if I am misunderstanding the above procedure or if I have entered a wrong value.

Thank you