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CC1312R7: Modified rfUARTBridge example

Part Number: CC1312R7


I´ve modified the rfUARTBridge example to have a sensor node and a collector (PAN coordinator).
So, the Collector is always waiting for packets sent by sensor nodes.

The structure is almost the same for both sides, except the order of Transmission/Reception.

The Sensor Node sends a packet, the Collector receives it, analyses some bytes, and after 1 second (a long time for tests) and sends a packet back to the sensor.

The collector does not stop but the sensor does not set the RF_EventRxEntryDone bit when receiving the packet from the collector.

As the structures are almost the same I´m not finding where I´m making mistakes.

The order I´m doing things at the sensor is:
rfHandle = RF_open(&rfObject, &RF_prop, (RF_RadioSetup*)&RF_cmdPropRadioDivSetup, &rfParams);

RF_postCmd(rfHandle, (RF_Op*)&RF_cmdFs, RF_PriorityNormal, NULL, 0);

rfPostHandle = RF_postCmd(rfHandle, (RF_Op*)&RF_cmdPropRx, RF_PriorityNormal, &ReceivedOnRFcallback, RF_EventRxEntryDone);

while(1) {

   retrieves = 3;

   while(retrieves) {

      recRF = 0;

      /*Cancel the ongoing command = RX command antes do while ou depois de transmitido */
      rfStatus = RF_cancelCmd(rfHandle, rfPostHandle, 1);

      /* Send packet */
      RF_runCmd(rfHandle, (RF_Op*)&RF_cmdPropTx, RF_PriorityHigh, NULL, 0);

       /* Resume RF RX */
       rfPostHandle = RF_postCmd(rfHandle, (RF_Op*)&RF_cmdPropRx,

       wait for a semaphore....

       if semaphore timeout, retrieves--

      else {

         retrieves = 0;

        go to sleep....


void ReceivedOnRFcallback(RF_Handle h, RF_CmdHandle ch, RF_EventMask e)
              If (e & RF_EventRxEntryDone)
                  /* Get current unhandled data entry */
                  currentDataEntry = RFQueue_getDataEntry(); //loads data from entry

                  /* Handle the packet data, located at &currentDataEntry->data:
                   * - Length is the first byte with the current configuration
                   * - Data starts from the second byte */
                  packetLength = *(uint8_t*)(&currentDataEntry->data); //gets the packet length (send over with packet)
                  packetDataPointer = (uint8_t*)(&currentDataEntry->data + 1); //data starts from 2nd byte

                  recRF = 1;

                  if(*(uint8_t*)(&currentDataEntry->data + 1) == (uint8_t) ((NODE_ADDRESS & 0xFF00) >> 8))
                       if(*(uint8_t*)(&currentDataEntry->data + 2) == (uint8_t) (NODE_ADDRESS & 0x00FF))
                           /* Copy the payload + the status byte to the packet variable */
                           memcpy(packet, packetDataPointer, (packetLength + 1));
                           //set Semaphore

                 /* Move read entry pointer to next entry */

The "e" value is always 2 and never RF_EventRxEntryDone
Could someone help me?
Thank you