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LAUNCHXL-CC1310: uart_read_callback exception

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC1310
I want to use the CALLBACK_MODE_UART to read a long message. The related function is as follows: 
void Uart_WriteCallback(UART_Handle handle, void *rxBuf, size_t size)
// Do nothing

void Uart_ReadCallback(UART_Handle handle, void *rxBuf, size_t size){

// reading function

UART_read(uart, &res, 1);


void *mainThread(void *arg0)

/* Create a UART with data processing off. */
uartParams.writeDataMode = UART_DATA_BINARY;
uartParams.readDataMode = UART_DATA_BINARY;
uartParams.readMode = UART_MODE_CALLBACK;
uartParams.readCallback = Uart_ReadCallback;
uartParams.writeMode = UART_MODE_CALLBACK;
uartParams.writeCallback = Uart_WriteCallback;
uartParams.readReturnMode = UART_RETURN_FULL;
uartParams.readEcho = UART_ECHO_OFF;
uartParams.baudRate = 115200;

uart = UART_open(Board_UART0, &uartParams);
UART_read(uart, &res, 1);
// loop function
However, when I was debugging, I found that the uart can only read a certain number of bytes. After dozens of bytes, the debugging is stuck in the UARTCC26XX.c callback function and can not continue to enter the interrupt to read the remaining bytes. What may be the cause ?