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LAUNCHXL-CC1310: After modifying the "ident number" and "type" fields in gs_addr of meter, the collector cannot receive data.

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC1310
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Hi Team,

1. I added a log to wmbus_apl_col_indication_rx in the routine APL_CC13XX_Collertor_C2 and burned it into development board A (LAUNCHXL-CC1310:), so that development board B (LAUNCHXL-CC1310) can send data every time after running APL_CC13XX_Meter_T1_C1 See it in the console of board A.

2. But when I automatically re-modify the "ident number" and "type" in gs_addr in board B (as shown below), board A cannot receive the message; at this time, I can still obtain B using the packet capture tool. Data sent by the board

3. The data obtained by the packet capture tool in the figure below

4.Before and after data comparison

I just modified the ident number or type field. The version, manufacturer ID and others have not been modified. The following is my packet capture data in different situations.

Original routine A board can receive

TIS Water 80000001 MODE5
314433D10100008023078C20B67ABE002025CD6359023EE8DF70D1ED2A4DA98F4F80B19DFEBD9DAC099F2B0C6A0ADADBE75D 314433D10100008023078C20B67ABE000025 2F2F066D8F00000101000C13270485020B3B2701002F2F2F2F2F2F2F2F2F2F2F

Modify ident number A board cannot receive:

TIS Water 20240212 MODE5

Modify "type" A board cannot receive:

TIS Smoke_detector 80000001 MODE5

What I need to achieve is to accept the data sent by Meter_C1 in Collertor mode. Among them, s_wmbus_addr_t needs to be modified according to our equipment, but after modification, Collertor cannot receive it.

Best Regards,