CC1101: CC1101 address filtering is not working in WOR mode.

Part Number: CC1101


Hello siri,

We are trying to use the CC1101 in WOR & using the address filtering while receiving the packet in WOR mode. So if the address is mismatch of the received packet then the CC1101 drop the packet but it gets hang & doesn't continue the WOR. 

Can you help me that how we can avoid this & use the CC1101 in WOR mode with address filtering.

Note:- PKTCTRL1= 0x41;  

ADDR = 0x05;  (Receiver)

ADDR = 0x0A;  (Transmitter)

Thanks & regards,

Akash Joshi

  • I am not sure I understand what you mean when you say that the radio "gets hang"?

    Even if address filtering means that packets with the wrong address is not put in the FIFO, the device will not automatically go back to SLEEP (since you have received a sync word)

    From the data sheet:

    "This means that the chip will not automatically go back to SLEEP once a sync word has been received. It is therefore recommended to always wake up the microcontroller on sync word detection when using WOR mode"

    You MCU needs to get the device back in WOR mode by issuing the SWOR strobe