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CC115L: CC115L lack of outout RF power

Part Number: CC115L
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC113L, TEST2

I have problems with the CC115L transmitter. It lacks power on the output.

I do not have a spectrum analizer to test it, so I do the testing with another CC113L to receive the data and measure RSSI.

With maximum power setting, 0xC0, I can only receive the message form a 1m distance with -90..-95dBm RSSI value.

Now,, I run Linux, so I only use the datasheet to setup the register values and I suspect my problem lies in the reserved register values.

Can anyone help with values from smart-RF for the following reserved registers?

$20, $29..$2B, and the 3 TESTx registers, that also have many reserved bits.

I use it for 433MHz.

Thank you!

  • Hi

    you did not say anything about data rate, so I just selected one. The settings below are recommended settings from SmartRF Studio.

    // PA table

    #define PA_TABLE {0x50,0x00}

    // Rf settings for CC115L

    RF_SETTINGS code rfSettings = {

    0x2E, // IOCFG2 GDO2 Output Pin Configuration

    0x06, // IOCFG0 GDO0 Output Pin Configuration

    0x47, // FIFOTHR TX FIFO Thresholds

    0x05, // PKTCTRL0 Packet Automation Control

    0x10, // FREQ2 Frequency Control Word, High Byte

    0xA7, // FREQ1 Frequency Control Word, Middle Byte

    0x62, // FREQ0 Frequency Control Word, Low Byte

    0xCA, // MDMCFG4 Modem Configuration

    0x83, // MDMCFG3 Modem Configuration

    0x13, // MDMCFG2 Modem Configuration

    0x35, // DEVIATN Modem Deviation Setting

    0x18, // MCSM0 Main Radio Control State Machine Configuration

    0xFB, // RESERVED_0X20 Use setting from SmartRF Studio

    0xE9, // FSCAL3 Frequency Synthesizer Calibration

    0x2A, // FSCAL2 Frequency Synthesizer Calibration

    0x00, // FSCAL1 Frequency Synthesizer Calibration

    0x1F, // FSCAL0 Frequency Synthesizer Calibration

    0x81, // TEST2 Various Test Settings

    0x35, // TEST1 Various Test Settings

    0x09, // TEST0 Various Test Settings







  • Thanks Siri!

    I will compare the registers and try it out.

    Just for curiosity: in the right panel, the value of registers RESERVED_0x29..0x2A seem to be in decimal while all other are in hex? Shouldn't all be in hex?

  • Hi
    There seems to be a bug in SmartRF Studio. The values for the registers at address 0x29, 0x2A, and 0x2B are shown in decimal and when you do a code export of all register, it shows the values 0x89, 0x127 and 0x63 instead of 0x59, 0x7F and 0x3F. The bug will be reported.
    However, you do not have to write anything to these registers, as they have the correct values by default after reset. The only registers you need to write are the once I listed in the previous post.