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LAUNCHXL-CC1310: Tx Power and Beacon Interval edited in CCS code but not being observed in Hardware

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC1310
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC3200, , CC1310


Details of setup:

Launchpad (LP) : 2 LaunchXL-CC1310 (Current Consumption measurement by using IMETER-BOOST+CC3200)

SDK: simplelink_cc13x0_sdk_1_60_00_21

TI 15.4 Stack example - Collector (LP1) and Sensor (LP2)


Tx power - 14 dBm

Beacon Order (BO) and Superframe order (SO)- 15

All code implemented as per SimpleLinkAcademy Instructions (Using the collector and sensor example) for China_433 (Task 0 to Task 3)

This example with all default values is working and I am able to get an idle current of 0uA and an average current of 20uA on the Sensor LP with a recurring peak of ~15uA every 6 seconds 

Problem being faced :

Edits in the CCS code for both sensor and collector:

Experiment 1

#Undef Feature_All_Modes

#Define Feauture_Beacon_Mode

BO=8, SO=6

Observation : No change in the ~15uA current peak observed, it still recurs every 6 seconds but as per calculation it should happen every 4.9s with BO = 8

Experiment 2

Tx power = 6 dBm

Observation : No change in current consumption seen at all. It is exactly the same, whereas a reduction in current is expected.

I even tried loading the code onto two fresh launchpads but to no avail.

Please let me know where I am going wrong as all default values work whereas none of my edits tak effect.



  • Hello Harsh,

    We have not seen this issue. We will investigate and get back to you.


  • Hi Prashanth,

    I was successful in testing both the parameters - Transmit Power and Beacon Interval with the US PHY (915MHz) but I am unable to achieve similar results with CHINA_433 PHY.



  • Harsh,

    Thanks for the information. I will bring this up with the TI 15.4g stack team. Filed a JIRA ticket


  • Hi Harsh,

    When testing the CHINA_433 PHY are you using the 433MHz launchpad ( ) or are you using a regular CC1310 launchpad?



  • BO = SO = 15 implies Non beacon Mode. The every 6s peak current you had observed was probably from the periodic data request (POLL) frames sent by default.

    SO <= BO < 15 : Beacon Mode

    BO = 8 implies beacon every 4.9s (2^BO * 960 * symbol duration (20us)) -- So what you are observing is indeed correct

    If you would like a different beacon interval, may be you can try a value like 10 or 6 for BO?

    For changing the TX Power, can you please let us know how you changed the Tx Power?

    If you used Config.h: There is a different section for 433 MHz as opposed to other bands.


  • Hi Hector,

    I am using a regular CC1310 launchpad : LAUNCHXL-CC1310



  • Hi Kumaran,

    I am able to observe the 4.9s beacon interval with BO=8, SO=8 at 915MHz frequency which is the default setting for the LAUNCHXL-CC1310.

    However, I am unable to see that same 4.9 s beacon at 433 MHz even when I changed beacon order to 8 or 4. Even after this BO/SO change, it is showing me the same 6s polling interval which I believe should not be the case.

    As for transmit power, I made the changes in the expression which has been highlighted in your reply (The separate section for the china band). I changed the power level to 6dBm and could not observe any difference from the 14dBm power level.