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CC1350: Porting example program for Launchpad to custom board

Part Number: CC1350

I've been working with the CC1350 Launchpad (with CC1350F128RGZ, 7x7mm, 30 GPIO's) until now. Finally, I would like to port the example program (rfPacketTx_CC1350_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_ccs) that has been written for the Launchpad to my custom board (CC1350F128RSM, 4x4mm, 10 GPIO's).

The example program compiles and runs without any problem on my custom board, but there are no packets sent. I could confirm that my custom board (hardware) is working by using the SmartRF Studio's Packet RX/TX.

Then I realised I needed to modify the board files to do pin matching for my smaller chip.

Because there was a difference in RF I/O's:

For CC1350F128RGZ (Launchpad):

RF_P - Pin 1

RF_N - Pin 2

RX_TX - Pin 3

For CC1350F128RSM (custom board):

RF_P - Pin 1

RF_N - Pin 2

RF_TX - Pin 4

Is this the reason, the program is not working?

I then came across this guide for CC26xx2, where I got stuck:

I couldn't find a guide for the CC1350 but hope it also applies to these family of MCU's. So I basically I need to modify these three files to fit for my package type:

  • Board.h
  • CC1350_LAUNCHXL.c
  • CC1350_LAUNCHXL.h

In the CC1350_LAUNCHXL.c file, I found the TI-RTOS driver configuration data structure for the RF Driver.

But it wasn't clear for me where I could actually change the RF pins and set the correct antenna path.


I found board files for CC1310 4x4 from the TI-RTOS found here:

And after the installation here:


But I ran again into errors.

Could someone please upload board files for CC1350 4x4, if these are available from TI?

  • I suppose you only need to assign pins in use according to your schematic and assign pins not in use to "CC1350_LAUNCHXL.h" in CC1350_LAUNCHXL.h.
  • I don't understand your answer. Could you please elaborate? Should it already work by only unassigning pins that are not used in the CC1350_LAUNCHXL.h ? What is the common problem when the package type on the custom board, that is different to the one on the Launchpad, works only with Smart RFStudio?
  • Basically, there is no difference in RF part. According to my experiences, it should work if you use correct pin assignments in your CC1350_LAUNCHXL.h.
  • I theory, what you need to do is to modify the board files + the LAUNCXL.c/f files to match your HW. What reference design have you followed when making your board?
    The settings in SmartRF Studio is for 7XD, where 7 stands for 7x7, X for eXternal bias (meaning that config. biasMode = 1) and Differential (meaning that config.fronEndMode = 0).
    Depending on you HW, these settings might need to be changed.
    If you are not abe to get it up and running, you should provide more info as to what you have done. What reference design are you using, what RF settings are you using? How are you testing? Do the radio enter TX mode but you do not receive anything, or are you not able to execute the commands? Do you have the chance to verify that you are transmitting on the correct frequency? That your output power is correct etc?

  • Yess, it works! And I only needed to set all the pin definitions to PIN_UNASSIGNED, because I wasn't using any GPIO's. Only RXIO's for transmitting.