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  1. Any document can introduce SmartRF Studio 7 index meaning, like  “RX Filter BW”, “Symbol Rate”, "Whitening" and “Deviation” ?  Any relationship between them?
  2. How can I know which TX bandwidth that I use now? Does it have relationship with question 1 index?
  3. TX power value (dBm) means output from IC pin or antenna connector?
  4. If I want to adjust the relationship between "TX power value (dBm)" and "txPower hex value ( in customize)", have document to explain what the hex step will increase/decrease TX power?
  5. RSSI value is equal to RX sensitivity?

Thank you.

  • 1: Deviation: Refers to frequency deviation using FSK
    RX Filter BW: The receiver has a channel filter meaning that it filters away anything outside this channel.

    The minimum required RX bandwidth to ensure reception is given by:
    RX BW = signal bandwidth + 4*ppm xtal*Frequency of operation.
    For FSK the signal bandwidth could be approximated as datarate + 2*frequency deviation.

    3: The output power is measured on the 50 ohm point (SMA connector) for the reference design stated in the datasheet.
    4: Use SmartRF Studio to give you the hex value for the available output powers
    5: NO. RSSI is Received Signal Strength Indicator and basically measured the energy received within the channel filter bandwidth.
  • Hi TER,

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

    For question 2.
    If I choose "50kbps, 2-GFSK, 25kHz deviation" as default Typical Setting, signal bandwidth will around 100kHz. Right?
    Is the default SDK setting value ( like "50kbps, 2-GFSK, 25kHz deviation" ) same as default Typical Setting in SmartRF Studio?

    For question 5.
    Do you have the relationship or calculate formula for RSSI and sensitivity change with each other?
    Does RSSI have Max. and min. value? like from -20dBm to -99dBm.

    Thank you.
  • Yes, the SDK 50 kbps is the same as the 50 kbps as in SMartRF Studio. The signal bandwidth is a around 80 kHz since GFSK is used.

    RSSI is not tied to sensitivity, for CC1310 and 50 kbps the RSSI saturate at ~-9 dBm and goes from ~-120 dBm