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CC1350: Change HW for TIDA-010032

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Part Number: CC1350
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TIDA-010032, , , LAUNCHXL-CC1312R1


1- Can TIDA-010032 6lowPan work on CC13x0?

2- Can the 6lowPan gateway app run on the host machine (linux) instead BB, assuming that the launchpad is connected via USB?

  • 1. It should be no problem.
    2. It should be no problem too.
  • Thanks Chen !

    1- I flashed the coprocessor example for CC1350 and plugged it into the Host Machine,

    2- In the host machine:

    - I downloaded the TIDA-010032 software example 

    - Since I'm using USB, so I changed //UINT8 uartName[32] = "/dev/ttyS1"; to UINT8 uartName[32] = "/dev/ttyACM0"; in comm.c

    - In cd <TID_install_directory>/6lowpan_mesh/Projects/gateway/proj/, I cleaned the previous make and re-make'ed it again using "make local=y"

    - when I launched the gateway app (./gwapp.exe) It says network manager is not connected , any Idea what is wrong?


  • Do you run the TI 15.4-Stackcoprocessorapplication on your LAUNCHXL-CC1350?
  • Yes, I do.

    I'm following section 3.1.2 in Universal Data Concentrator Reference Design Document .

    I skipped the whole Beagleboard section (Installing Processor SDK ... ), is there an alternative step in case I'm using the linux host as processor?


  • I don't test this reference design by myself. I see the document for this reference design is not in details. Can you elaborate your application and requirements so I might be able to give you alternative.
  • My application requires a 6lowPan mesh network with host PC (or a raspberryPi) as a gateway instead of the beagleboard.

    Do you know what "Processor SDK" that is being installed on the beagleboard's SD card does in this application?
  • If you only requires 6lowpan mesh network with host PC (or a Raspberry Pi) as a gateway instead of the Beaglebone, I suggest you can run 6lbr and Contiki which you can refer to
  • I've seen this example before. Let's keep this thread focused on "How to get TIDA-010032 working without BBB"

    Thank you for your support
  • I cannot help further on TIDA-010032 topic. Maybe wait someone from TI to help you.
  • Hi Ahmed, 

    We haven't verified the software on the linux host PC. I guess it's related mostly on the complie option and peripherals (UART to the MCU running TI 15.4-stack). The local=y option is supposed to use when you compile the software on the BBB. Please, review the design guide and makefile that comes with the software example. 



  • Hi Wonsoo,
    I'm connecting the launchpad to the host via USB, hence I changed:
    UINT8 uartName[32] = "/dev/ttyS1";
    //UINT8 uartName[32] = "/dev/ttyACM0";
    in 6lowpan_mesh\Components\gateway\comm\comm.c
    (1) is that valid?
    (2) is there any other thing I should change ?

    The designguide says: "These steps (referring to opening UART of BBB) are not necessary when the USB interface on the BBB EVM is used to connected to the LAUNCHXL-CC1312R1." Does it mean USB of BBB to USB of Launchpad? or USB of BBB to UART of Launchpad via a USB to serial converter? Please clarify


    Then I compiled it again using:
    $make install

    and still I got the same response.

    Do you have any suggestions?
  • Hi Ahmed, 

    I can answer the questions based on the BBB platform since this is the platform we've verified.

    1) The /dev/ttyACM0 is a valid interface and there is nothing else you need to change to use the interface. 

    2) BBB USB. This is for activating a UART on the header pins on the BBB. If you are using the USB interface on the BBB, you don't need to configure the dts file since the USB has been activated with the Linux SDK. It might not be the same for your host PC configuration. 



  • Thanks Wonsoo, 

    Finally, if using BBB, is there anything that prevents CC1350 to work in this application (6owpan only, no rs485) instead of 1321?

  • Hi Ahmed, 

    Yes, it should work. But, it's not recommended since the number of device table entries for CC1350 is smaller than that for CC1312 (has more memory room). This causes a huge gap on # of supporting nodes between network stacks (in BBB) and MAC (in CC13xx), which might result in instability issue when you run over a large network. If you run a small size network, not an issue. 

    One thing you need to modify is the MAX_DEVICE_TABLE_ENTRIES in the gateway example. Please, tune the value in the gateway software based on the maximum # defined in CC1350. Please, read the last paragraph in section in the TIDA-010032 design guide.