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CCS/CC1350STK: Setting for Power Selection for CC1350STK and for CC2650STK

Part Number: CC1350STK
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC1350, CC2650STK

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


CCS 9.1, Linux 18 Mint concerns 1350STK Sensor Tag and 2650STK Sensor Tag.

In the target config of the empty_min_CC1350STK_TI project , the Power Selection Connection property is set to Probe Supplied Power.

But the documentation of the Out Of the Box Demo says:


Rev 1.4.5 of the CC1350 SensorTag contains a pre-production factory image, an update is needed in order to use all features on the CC1350 SensorTag. This procedure requires a debugger dev pack. Please update to the latest image by following the below steps, it is only needed to do this once.

  1. Remove the battery from the CC1350SensorTag.
  2. Connect debugger dev pack to the CC1350 SensorTag and connect it to your PC via USB.
  3. Click the button below in order to erase the external flash memory of the CC1350SensorTag.
    NOTE: The first time you do this, a small flash utility will need to be installed locally on your PC.


1) If the Debug Probe is set to "Probe supplied power", why do I have to remove the battery.

2) For the equivalent CC2650STK project empty_min_CC2650STK_TI, the connection setting for Power Selection is set to: "Target supplied power".

Is this really different from the CC1350STK

What are the authorative settings for CC1350STK and CC2650STK ?



  • Hi Peter,

    The debugger dev pack do not contain HW to control the supplied power so the Power Selection setting in the target config do nothing. 

    The debugger dev pack do always supplies 3.3V (when USB is connected) and the battery should be removed while using the dev pack on both CC1350SDK and CC2650SDK.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi R.M

    I am using the XDS110, and if I remove the battery and select "Probe Supplied Power", the Test Connection doesn't succeed.

    This is what fails:

    And here is the Connection Log:

    [Start: Texas Instruments XDS110 USB Debug Probe]

    Execute the command:

    %ccs_base%/common/uscif/dbgjtag -f %boarddatafile% -rv -o -S integrity


    -----[Print the board config pathname(s)]------------------------------------


    -----[Print the reset-command software log-file]-----------------------------

    This utility has selected a 100- or 510-class product.
    This utility will load the adapter ''.
    The library build date was 'Jun  3 2019'.
    The library build time was '15:03:57'.
    The library package version is ''.
    The library component version is ''.
    The controller does not use a programmable FPGA.

    An error occurred while hard opening the controller.

    -----[An error has occurred and this utility has aborted]--------------------

    This error is generated by TI's USCIF driver or utilities.

    The value is '-267' (0xfffffef5).
    The title is 'SC_ERR_XDS110_TARGET_SUPPLY'.

    The explanation is:
    The controller could not detect valid target supply. Check target
    JTAG connection and/or connection setting specifying voltage level.

    [End: Texas Instruments XDS110 USB Debug Probe]

    However, this setting (Target supplied power) with the battery inserted succeeds:

    So what is the correct target conf for the XDS110 - CC1350STK ?

    Kind regards


  • Hi Peter,

    What XDS110 debugger do you use?

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Peter,

    I have tried the same debug probe as you are using and it seems to be an issue with this probe and ccs. I will report this but I can unfortunately not say when a potential fix can be available. Do you have a LaunchPad that you can use as a debugger in the mean time?   

    Best Regards,


  • Hi R.M

    Thanks for testing, good to know that this seems to be a bug.

    In the meantime I received the Sensor Tag DevPack but I still can't get the empty_CC1350STK_tirtos_ccs project to load and run.

    Test Connection succeeds but starting the debug session gives me:

    Here is the unmodified target conf of the project:

    And here is the lisf of installed products:

    Code Composer Studio


    on Linux Mint;

    $ lsb_release -a

    Distributor ID:    LinuxMint
    Description:    Linux Mint 18 Sarah
    Release:    18
    Codename:    sarah

    Can you try to get this empty_CC1350STK_tirtos_ccs project in a debug session ?



  • In reply to my own post, I can confirm that the DevPack Debug Probe works with the default project settings from the example folder in the SimpleLink CC13x0 SDK v. Also, the target should be powered by the probe (battery removed).

    Kind regards