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CC115L: driver code size

Part Number: CC115L
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430FR2000

Dear all,

We are evaluating on CC113, CC115, MSP430FR2000, now we found the driver code size of CC115L is too large, only involved void cc115LRunTX(void) will take 0.8KB FRAM, can we optimized the code to 0.5KB and put into MSP430FR2000?

Thanks a lot.


  • As far as I see you are not writing what the code you want to run should do. What is the wanted functionality? 

  • The function is very simple, just send 1 byte data when CC115L get the order, and the code we use is as below:

    void cc115LRunTX(void)


      // Initialize packet buffer of size PKTLEN + 1

      uint8 txBuffer[PKTLEN+1] = {0};


      // Write radio registers



     // create a random packet with PKTLEN + 2 byte packet counter + n x random bytes



      // write packet to tx fifo



     // strobe TX to send packet



    Any suggestion on this?


  • I probably have to get some MSP430 specialists on this but I'm not sure if it's possible to answer the question without doing the optimization effort which require a large opportunity.

    But have you checked how much code space that is free for the function you posted above? I assume that you have to run some setup of the MCU, including setting up the SPI before you call this function. 

    Some questions/ comments:

    - It looks like you want to send a random packet. I would assume you can save code space if you send a fixed packet since then you save a function call (and the space for the function)

    - I would assume that you have to re-write the functions. The SPI functions in the example code is written with more focus on readability than size. Assembly should be considered. 

    - How many registers do you have to write to the CC115L? Fewest possible registers will save space and if you can do it with burst mode I believe you can compact it even more.