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CC110L: CC110L Receive data failed

Part Number: CC110L
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TEST2

Hi team

The customer can't receive the data and no GDO interrupt detected. But they can read the internal register value such as PARTNUM、VERSION、RSSI、MARCSTATE、FREQ0 and the reset operation follows the “ Manual Reset” in the datasheet

The customer wants to know if the registers set properly. Thank you.

static const registerSetting_t preferredSettings[]=


  {CC110L_IOCFG2,           0x29},

  {CC110L_IOCFG1,           0x2E},

  {CC110L_IOCFG0,           0x06},

  {CC110L_FIFOTHR,          0x07},

  {CC110L_SYNC1,            0xD3},

  {CC110L_SYNC0,            0x91},

  {CC110L_PKTLEN,           0xFF},

  {CC110L_PKTCTRL1,         0x04},

  {CC110L_PKTCTRL0,         0x05},

  {CC110L_ADDR,             0x00},

  {CC110L_CHANNR,           0x00},

  {CC110L_FSCTRL1,          0x0C},

  {CC110L_FSCTRL0,          0x00},

  {CC110L_FREQ2,            0x21},

  {CC110L_FREQ1,            0x62},

  {CC110L_FREQ0,            0x76},

  {CC110L_MDMCFG4,          0x2D},

  {CC110L_MDMCFG3,          0x3B},

  {CC110L_MDMCFG2,          0x13},

  {CC110L_MDMCFG1,          0x22},

  {CC110L_MDMCFG0,          0xF8},

  {CC110L_DEVIATN,          0x62},

  {CC110L_MCSM2,            0x07},

  {CC110L_MCSM1,            0x30},

  {CC110L_MCSM0,            0x18},

  {CC110L_FOCCFG,           0x1D},

  {CC110L_BSCFG,            0x1C},

  {CC110L_AGCCTRL2,         0xC7},

  {CC110L_AGCCTRL1,         0x00},

  {CC110L_AGCCTRL0,         0xB0},

  {CC110L_RESERVED_0X20,    0xFB},

  {CC110L_FREND1,           0xB6},

  {CC110L_FREND0,           0x10},

  {CC110L_FSCAL3,           0xEA},

  {CC110L_FSCAL2,           0x2A},

  {CC110L_FSCAL1,           0x00},

  {CC110L_FSCAL0,           0x1F},

  {CC110L_RESERVED_0X29,    0x59},

  {CC110L_RESERVED_0X2A,    0x7F},

  {CC110L_RESERVED_0X2B,    0x3F},

  {CC110L_TEST2,            0x88},

  {CC110L_TEST1,            0x31},

  {CC110L_TEST0,            0x09},