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CC2510-CC2511DK: Drivers for CCS2511DK dongle

Part Number: CC2510-CC2511DK
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: PACKET-SNIFFER, SIMPLICITI, CC2510, CC2511, FLASH-PROGRAMMER


I have just bought the evaluation kit containing the CC2511DK dongle. I have installed the SmartRF Packet Sniffer 2 software but my computer does not recognise the device.
I tried to install the drivers on the CD sold with the kit without success.
Where can I find the driver to use the CC2511DK with the SmartRF Packet Sniffer 2 software?
Thank you

  • Hi gregoire,

    PACKET-SNIFFER-2 only supports CC13xx/CC26xx firmware/devices, as is shown in it's User's Guide.  You will need to use PACKET-SNIFFER, please refer to its own User Manual.  The packet sniffer hex file is located at \bin\general\firmware\sniffer_fw_ccxx11.hex.  Note that the CC2510/CC2511 devices are only capable of sniffing SimpliciTI and Proprietary protocols.


  • Hi Ryan,

    I have install PACKET-SNIFFER sofware on a windows7 64bit but it's the same matter.

    CC2511DK isn't recognised by the PC it's appear as "unknown device".

    When I start PACKET-SNIFFER sofware with SimpliciTi protocol, in tab "Capturing device" no device appear.

    Led on Dongle is always off, i try all USB on my PC V2.0 and 3.0. I install Sentinel program present on the CD but nothing better.

    Where can I found the driver (xxx.dll) for the CC2511DK ?


  • Hi gregoire,

    They are provided as .inf files and can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\SmartRF Tools\drivers or SWRC0866, I also recommend you reference the Technical Documents for more information.


  • Hi Ryan,

    We follow different guide but it's doesn't works.

    We use guide

    • SWRU082b
      • to know CC2511DK isn't programmed to be used with PACKET SNIFFER
      • §5 to program CC2511DK

    • SWRU069G §5.1 to understand how use SmartRF Flash programmer
    • SWRU134a §6 to know SmartRF04EB board
    • to understand why we can't programm CC2511DK
    • SWRU222
      • §5.3.2 to know who .hex download in CC2511DK. We don't find "simple_hid_dongle.hex" so we use "sniffer_fw_ccxx11.hex" available at <Dir>/SmartRF Tools/Packet Sniffer/bin/general/firmware/.
        • SWRU187G give this information page 6/29
      • §5.4.4 to know how to install the CC2511DK driver

    But Dongle LED is always off and it doesn't appear on PC COM PORT.

    I think we don't have the good .hex file but how check it to know if it's a firmware, hardware or driver problem ?

    Here you have program result using SmartRF flash programmer

    Thanks for your help

  • Upon plugging in the CC2511EM it should appear as "CC2511 USB dongle" inside the Cebal controlled devices section of your system's Device Manager.  If not then SWRC088 contains the needed usb_cdc_driver_cc2511.inf driver, which a Windows 7 64-bit OS should be capable of installing.  To program the USB dongle with sniffer software then you need to properly power the device and connect it to the SmartRF04EB programmer, then use FLASH-PROGRAMMER with the \bin\general\firmware\sniffer_fw_ccxx11.hex file.  I would expect a solid LED to indicate the sniffer firmware is running, at which point PACKET-SNIFFER can be used to interact with it.  You may try testing with a different system or multiple CC2511EMs if available.


  • Hi Ryan,

    I have found the problem.

    When we download .hex in CC2511DK "write protect:" in FLASH-PROGRAMMER software must be set à "No upper pages"

    Now it's work. Thanks for all