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RTOS/CC1350: Collector firmware update : Not a unified OAD image

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Part Number: CC1350

Tool/software: TI-RTOS

Hello All,

I am having issue in verifying oad image, before updating OAD.

I have seen that Collector_startFwUpdate() function checks for OAD image header of 8 bytes length.

Everytime i am getting : Not a unified OAD image.

When i dig into code i found that Collector_startFwUpdate()  function compares string from a .bin file with the already defined CC26X2_OAD_IMG_ID_VAL in oad_image_header.h file.

In that file i found the following #defines :

#define CC26X2_OAD_IMG_ID_VAL "CC26x2R1"
#define CC13X2_OAD_IMG_ID_VAL "CC13x2R1"

i didn't found anything for CC13X0 device family.

Can anybody help me, what is the purpose of having this string compare and further more how to add CC13X0, because i want to use OAD on CC1350.