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LAUNCHXL-CC1310: communication between TI CC1310 and SPSFRF-915 (SPIRIT 1) in contiki OS

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Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC1310


1. I have a border router with SPSGRF-915 (from ST) sitting on a Linux board (that Linux board is working as a gateway but actually does many more thing than just gateway), border router microcontroller running https://github.com/contiki-os/contiki/tree/master/examples/ipv6/rpl-border-router code.

2. Now, we are developing node with TI CC1310 (it was initially based on ST microcontroller and SPSGRF-915, but nodes are in very high volume and to reduce cost, our team decided to switch to CC1310).

3. I am running https://github.com/contiki-os/contiki/blob/master/examples/er-rest-example/er-example-server.c code on CC1310 launch pad.

Issue: No communication between the border router and TI CC1310 node

What I did so far;

4. Changed RDC and made same as border router

#define NETSTACK_CONF_RDC     nullrdc_driver

5. Changed RF channel same as border router

#define RF_CORE_CONF_CHANNEL                      0

6. Using prop mode on CC1310

#define NETSTACK_CONF_RADIO prop_mode_driver

I did that by defining #define CPU_FAMILY_CC13XX 1 in contiki-conf.h,

7. Changed to 915MHz, same as border router

/* Default band selection to band 4 - 863MHz */

What else should I change? And also, how IPV6 address is forming, I mean which .c file taking care of that? Please help me with that, I have almost spent a week with no success. Thanks!


  • Hi Anesh,

    We usually don't provide much support for Contiki-OS, as that is more or less viewed as an outdated and obsolete in favor of Contiki-NG. https://github.com/contiki-ng/contiki-ng

    I'm not sure what the problem is, but I can only imagine either the serial communication between the border router and host is not properly setup.

    Severin Suveren