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CC1260: CC1260 hardware reference design

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I am currently designing a Sub-1GHz SDR modem based on the CC1260 IQ transceiver. Thanks to support from forum members, I was able to retrieve the datasheet and programming manual. Still some crucial information is missing from these documents to implement this transceiver on a HW board. In particular, the values of the following external components is unknown for basic operation over the specified supported RF frequencies:

  • bias resistor connected to RBIAS pin (this is commonly a precision value for transceivers and its value is mandatory for proper operation)
  • loop filter capacitor connected to LPF0-LPF1
  • all decoupling capacitors for various internal regulators (DCPL, DCPL_VCO, DCPL_PFD_CHP, DCPL_XOSC)

Is there any reference design/schematic/information available to answer these questions ?

Note that I understand that TI does not promote the CC1260 IQ transceiver due to the lack of available SDK for the required IQ processing on DSP. I am perfectly fine with this and I accept the lack of support for the programming aspects. My request relates to basic information regarding hardware implementation.

Thanks for your help.


  • Hi Arnaud,

    I will look into this and come back to you next week.


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    In reply to Fredrik K:

    RBias: 56 kohm

    Loopfilter cap: 1.8 nF

    Decoupling caps: 47 nF. 


  • Could you give me the datasheet of cc1260?

    my email: wen@newmsg.net  


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    In reply to user1804755:

    : CC1260 doesn't have an SDK which mean that you have to implement a modem by yourself. What is your experience in this field?