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CC1101: Setting asynchronous mode serial baud rate

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Part Number: CC1101


how can I set the baud rate of the serial asynchronous tx/rx mode on the CC1101?

What registers do I have to set to put it into async tx/rx mode and set the baud rate?


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    If I put it into transmit mode (on 868.3MHz) I only see a very narrow continuous line on the frequency 868.43, but the TX GDO is set to low.

    No matter what I input into the TX input, it only shows me the narrow line. My PKTCTRL0 is at 0x32.

    Even though it "transmits" on the wrong frequency, it still reads on the right one

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    I think my board is just heavily wrong, look at this. I replaced it and voila, better looking. The thing is, there is a continuous red line (not the one on the picture) that only gets yellow when transmitting. Is the red line normal or does my board not turn modulate well?