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CC1352R: why is Power consumption of launchpad with FH mode is more than non beacon

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I am using CC1352 Launchpad for TI 15.4 stack sensor application. I am using FH mode and communicate with collector.

The following are the intervals

1. Polling interval - 5 minutes

2. Reporting interval - 5 minutes

I need low power consumption for my application. With the example code for FH mode my launchpad is giving the following current

Sleep Current - 520 uA

Wake up Current during transmission - 4-8 mA

But in non beacon mode the currents are quite low

Sleep current - 11uA

Active current - 4-8 mA

1. why does this much change is occurring in the FH mode. We would like to use FH mode in our application. If the power consumption is this much high, which will not meet our current requirement

Note: I used all collector and sensor default examples for both FH and NON beacon mode and CC1352 Launchpads

Are anyways are there to reduce the power consumption in FH mode.

2. Broadcast message is been sent from collector to sensor nodes and sensors send broadcast response will the interval can be changed. how does it effects the application?

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