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LAUNCHXL-CC1352R1: Asynchronous message from 15.4 Collector to Sensor

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Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC1352R1


I am using 15.4 Collector and Sensor in FH mode.

1) I understand the fact that the sensor polls the Collector for data and if the collector has any data it will send it at that Polling Interval. But I want to know since Sensor is a sleepy device, is there any way to send asynchronous messages from Collector to Sensor.

2) Also, when the Sensor is in sleepy mode, does it close the radio and open it again whenever the Polling/ Reporting interval occurs?

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  • Hi,

    Asynchronous messages are possible if the sensor has CONFIG_RX_ON_IDLE==TRUE.

    Yes. Sleepy devices can turn off the radio when it is "sleeping". It will turn on the radio as necessary (eg. periodic data requests, reporting data, receiving beacons if beacon mode is used, etc).


  • In reply to Toby Pan:

    Hello Toby,

    Thank You for your response.

    1) Won't CONFIG_RX_ON_IDLE==TRUE make the device Non-Sleepy?

    My node is a Freq. Hopping enabled Sleepy device. And I want to send an async msg from Collector to this sleepy node. Any help on how to do this?

    One more question regarding the "CONFIG_RX_ON_IDLE" the, After making this true, will the device keep the Rx radio to always listening?

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    In reply to Yash 101:


    You are correct, if you want sleepy you need that to be false.

    During the joining process the device is ON and can receive the async messages. after this the device wakes up at specific intervals and does not receive async messages.

    Yes, if the device has RX_ON_IDLE = true then it will have the RX ON all the time.