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LAUNCHXL-CC1352P: LAUNCHXL_CC1352P Not Connecting to SmartRF Studio

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Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC1352P

I'm trying to connect a LAUNCHXL_CC1352P1 board (HW Rev A) to SmartRF Studio 7 ver 2.8.0 over USB. SmartRF Studio detects the XDS110 debug probe properly, but fails to connect to the device, giving the error message I've posted below. I am able to flash and debug (use step, breakpoints, etc) this board over USB using CCS ver 8.3.00009. The jumpers are in the default position, do they need to be changed? Also, I've made sure that CCS is closed when I try to open SmartRF Studio.

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    Hi Dev,

    You are using a very old version of SmartRF Studio. Can you try updating to the latest version.


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    Note that the latest Studio version is 2.15 meaning that you should upgrade to get the latest settings etc. The newest SDK also requires CCS 9.2

    Could you test with the newest Studio to see if that makes a difference? Also, which version of CC1352P do you have (see if you can read it using Flash Programmer 2 if you still have issues with Studio). If you don't have rev E, please get a new launchpad. 

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    It works now. Updated to SmartRF Studio ver 2.15.0. I was using a launchpad with Rev C. CC1352P chip, which still failed with version 2.15.0 of SmartRF Studio. I switched to a launchpad with Rev E. chip and it works fine.