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CC1310 GP Timer question

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As you can see from the screen cut, I use GPTIMER0A to set a 1ms interrupt and in the ISR, I reverse the signal of DIO6. But when I use oscilloscope to check its precision, I find there is a 5us error which is large to me. And the as for a 20ms signal, there is a 150us error. The TIMER's clock is 48MHZ 

So I want to ask what is the precision of the TIMER when it run in high frequency.

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  • Jin,

    Apologies for the late reply. Accuracy of the clock goes back to the source of the clock signal, the oscillator. For example, the crystals on the CC1310 LaunchPad have frequency tolerances that range from ±20 to ±50ppm. For microsecond accuracy, you'd need to use an OCXO, rubidium oscillator, or cesium oscillators that have frequency tolerances that range from ±0.001 to ±0.0000001 ppm.