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TIDC-01002: Can't open network

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Part Number: TIDC-01002


I am experiencing the exaxt same problems as in the question this thread is related to:

- the "open" button on the cloud app is only visible for a very brief moment

- nothing happens when I click on the reset button of the MAC-CoP

This is what I have:

- I used the prebuild images from the current master branch of the TIDC-01002 git repo

- I have provisioned the CC3220SF and I can connect to the cloud. This is also shown in the Watson Device Dashboard

- I have two CC1352P1 boards. I flashed "CC13x2_LaunchPad/coprocessor_cc1352lp.hex" to the MAC-CoP and sensor_cc13x2_lp_default_863.hex to the Sensor board.

- I changed the jumpers on the MAC-CoP board according to the doc and MAC-CoP board is stacked on the CC3220SF , only one power supply micro USB to the CC3220SF. No Leds are on on the MAC-CoP

- the MAC-CoP board has been previously used with Project 0 as a collector node and is know to operate.

- all UNIFLASH flash actions concluded without errors

- Linux Mint 19.2

Kind regards


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    Hello Peter Vittal,

    I see you are using the 868MHz image.

    Did you configure the collector application accordingly ? You will need to change the PHY to support this. I believe by default the operating frequency is 915mhz

  • In reply to AB:

    Ok, this could be a problem, I will look into it.

    Still, two questions:

    - there is a 863 image for the sensor, but apparently not for the gateway, why ?

    - shouldn't the cloud app work with only the gateway connected ? After all, that is a valid state, since sensor nodes can come and go.



  • In reply to AB:

    Hi AB

    I am unable to build the coprocessor image, CCS 9.2, I get linking errors:

    I can build other projects like:

    . network_terminal_CC3220SF_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_css

    . out_of_box_CC3220SF_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_css

    ❯ lsb_release -a
    No LSB modules are available.
    Distributor ID:    LinuxMint
    Description:    Linux Mint 19.2 Tina
    Release:    19.2
    Codename:    tina

    Code Composer Studio


    Kind regards


  • In reply to Peter Vittali:

    Hi AB

    Any new on this ?



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    In reply to Peter Vittali:

    sorry for the late reply.

    There is no need to change the configuration on the coprocessor.

    just flash it as is, and the cc3220 will have control over it.

    You can switch the frequency from the CC3220, the way the coprocessor works is by receiving commands from a host(the cc3220 in this case)



  • In reply to AB:

    Hi AB

    How can I swith the frequency from the CC3220 ? The gateway is spitting out things like this:

    [NWK GET Handler] Callback Called:

    [NWK GET Handler] Metadata Sent; , len = 48

    [NWK GET Handler] Data Sent: [Dev GET Handler] Callback Called:

    [Dev GET Handler] Dev Data: [Link local task] Metadata Sent, len = 48

    [Link local task] Data Sent, len = 0

    But there seems to be no way to interact with the gateway via the terminal connection.



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    In reply to Peter Vittali:

    those printouts look fine.

    Those are just the status of the messages being sent to the webserver.

    As for controlling frequency from the terminal, that is not possible, you need chnage this parameters at compile time in the config.h