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CCS/CC1310: cc1310 module e70 unlocked debug

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Part Number: CC1310

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Sorry. In your question You indicated that you need to change

the configuration and how to do it specifically?

I just have the same situation with e70). thank

  • Hi,

    We will look into it and get back to you ASAP. Please bear with us.



  • In reply to PM:

    Hi Dimitry,

    Make sure the JTAG pins are mapped correctly in CC1310_LAUNCHXL.c/h



  • In reply to Alexis Crandall20:

    Hello!!! Thanks for the help. I'm not too described the actions produced by me. Now I have such a situation. 

    I connected my E70 (E70-433t14s2) According to the following scheme 

                  14 pin e70 reset - > R (Launchpad cc1310)

                  8 VCC - > 3V3

                  9 GND - >GND

                  18 TCKС- > TCK

                  19 TMSK - > TMS

     removed the jumpers,

                                                                                       PIC 1.

    at me sometimes e70 is recognized as cc1310 and the smart RF goes to setup of packets, modulation, etc. but more often there is such error (PIC 1.)

    Sometimes this (Unknown):

    PIC 2.

    Tried erase firmware through Flash Programmer 2 (perhaps need Uniflash or others utilities) follow through:

    PIC 3.

    PIC 4.

    PIC 5.

    PIC 6

     PIC 7.

    PIC 8.

    PIC 9.

    do I need a flag on KEEP CCFG ?. he put or removed the state remains the same.

    the problem is that sporadically there is a recognition of e70 as cc1310 or there is an error that debugging is blocked. And after manipulations with FLASH-PROGRAMMER-2.

    will installation and firmware via CCS help somehow?

    it is necessary to create a new question discussion?

    version smartRF Studio 2.15.0

    Flash Programmer v2 1.8.1

    probably with the files CC1310_LAUNCHXL.c/h and JTAG Pinout everything is fine once e70 is recognized (sometimes)