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Part Number: CC1310

Hi, we use cc1310 in our products.

To synchronize sensors and decrease power consumption we want to use command  CMD_PROP_RX_SNIFF command for beacons detection.

Data rate is 50000 bit/sec.

Preamble length is 8 bytes (duration approximately 1.28 msec).

Accordance to measurements  the duration of RF_open () and CMD_FS processing command is about 1.6 msec.

Duration from sending CMD_PROP_RX command till LNA activation line is 140 msec.

I.e. it takes about 1.74 msec to ensure that Rf in active Rx state.

So it means that minimum duration of the Sniff mode process is more than 1.74 msec (without start the sniffing ).

Q1:Is it right?

Q2: how to decrease commands processing duration?



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