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LPSTK-CC1352R: Conditions for Sensor to join Collector?

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Part Number: LPSTK-CC1352R


I have 2 LPSTK-CC1352R as sensor and 1 CC1352R Launchpad as collector. Here below are 2 conditions I observed for sensors to join collector.

Both sensor LPSTK-CC1352R already powered on. Then I power on collector. The Tera Term says "Orphaned Sensor Re-Joined  . . ." . After that I press the collector left button, I see number of devices 2. Why is it that the sensor joined when I have not press the right button to enable PermitJoin?

Both sensor LPSTK-CC1352R are powered off. Then I power on both LPSTK-CC1352R. I see both LPSTK-CC1352R led red blink and then off. I power on the collector, press left button then right button to enable PermitJoin. Both sensor LPSTK-CC1352R did not join. I power off and power on both sensor LPSTK-CC1352R and now both are able to join collector. Why did both sensor LPSTK-CC1352R did not join before, did it go to low power mode?

It seems the collector does not go to low power mode, meaning it should have constant power supply and not battery powered?


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