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CCS/CC1352R: Memory write failed: timed out...

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Part Number: CC1352R

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I'm having a problem with a device. When I attempt to flash it, I get:

Cortex_M4_0: Flashloader: Verbose output enabled.
Cortex_M4_0: GEL Output: Board Reset Complete.
Cortex_M4_0: Writing Flash @ Address 0x00000000 of Length 0x00007800
Cortex_M4_0: Loading flashloader to target: FlashLoaderCC26x2.out 
Cortex_M4_0:   Chunk 1: addr=0x00000000, length=8192, crc=0xDE73A1E3 (using block 0)
Cortex_M4_0:   Chunk 2: addr=0x00002000, length=8192, crc=0x93E5FEF4 (using block 1)
Cortex_M4_0: Target timed out! (Block 0)
Cortex_M4_0:   Status 0xFFFFFFFF: Target flashloader has not returned any status. Unknown error!
Cortex_M4_0:   Command=20 -- addr=0x00002000 -- length=0x00002000
Cortex_M4_0: File Loader: Memory write failed: Timed out waiting for target flashloader to execute command.

In order to flash it, I need to use Flash Programmer 2 and erase. But when a program is flashed once, the above error happens on further attempts, and I need to erase. I read this thread: http://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless-connectivity/bluetooth/f/538/t/803609?CCS-CC2640-The-program-works-perfectly-on-first-launch-but-has-Memory-write-failed-error-on-the-next-launch- but there was no resolution.


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    In this case, everything was working well until it just didn't. The fix was to lower the JTAG CLK frequency down to 5.5MHz, instead of the new 8.5MHz default.

    Hope this helps someone in the future. 

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