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CC1310: The Collector is not sensding the TRACKING and CONFIG message after Sensor Polling

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My network is configurated with Non-Beacon mode and SimpleLink version

I have 50 end node and one collector, when the sensors send the polling message configured with CONFIG_POLLING_INTERVAL 120000, the collector respond the ACK but do not send the TRACKING messge that is configured  TRACKING_DELAY_TIME  30000.

But when I test with just one sensor, everything works perfectly.

With the 50 sensors working I just can see the first two message for each sensor.

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    Hi Rodrigo,

    Can you give me some more information on the collector?

    More specifically all application intervals?



  • In reply to AB:

    The collector application just send to serial the data received from the radio and this part works perfectly.

    My only problem is when the sensors send Polling message, at this moment the Collector do not transmit the CONFIG or the TRACKING message.

    All my code is based on the Sensor and Collector example, and I do not have done any change in this structure.

    All the sensors transmit the POLLING message in a short period of time, and the collector send the ACK message for each POLLING message, but do not send the TRACKING or CONFIG message after the ACK message.

    Are there any configuration delay between the ACK message and the following Response message from the collector?   

    Are there any influential in the network when the POLLING message from the Sensors come in a short period of time? Like... The Collector could not send the Tracking message, but send the ACK normaly when the network is "busy" ?


    #define CONFIG_MAX_DATA_FAILURES     3



    #define CONFIG_SCAN_DURATION         5

    #define CONFIG_RX_ON_IDLE          false

    #define CONFIG_POLLING_INTERVAL      120000



    #define TRACKING_DELAY_TIME  30000


    #define CONFIG_MAX_RETRIES   3

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    In reply to Rodrigo Ladeira:

    Hello Rodrigo,

    POLL Requests sent by sensor will get responded with an ACK and pending data for that sensor. Sent on every POLL interval

    CONFIG Requests sent by a sensor will get responded with a CONFIG response from the collector. Sent when a device first joins the network.

    TRACKING Requests are sent by the collector to a sensor to check their status. Sent on ever TRACKING delay 



  • In reply to AB:

    Thank you for your replay AB,

    My network is in non beacon mode, so when does the collector transmit the TRACKING request? just after the Poll request sent by the Sensor?

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    In reply to Rodrigo Ladeira:

    If a sensor is sleepy sensor, it will send it after a poll.

    If the sensor is not a sleepy sensor, it will send it right away.

  • In reply to AB:

    If a sensor is sleepy sensor, it will send it after a poll.

    This is the exactly my problem, in am working in a sleepy mode, but when I send a message to the collector, with 50 nodes in the network, the collector do not send tracking message, but when I work just with one node, works perfectly.

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    In reply to Rodrigo Ladeira:

    Can you debug and see if it triggers the API to send a tracking message?

    a possibility could be that due to the large amount of sensors on the network the collector has a full queue of messages and no space to store the tracking. 

    The api should return a overflow status code if this is happening.