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CC1120: Min Voltage supply & how to reduce sensivity ...

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Part Number: CC1120


a. CC1120 is rated with min. 2V supply. But it works down to 1.5V - how reliable is operations under that low voltage condition, what can I guarantee?

b. given transparent mode with CHBW 12.5kHz, DR 4k, 3k DEV we achieve X dBm sensivity. For certain reason we need to reduce sensivity by 3dB WITHOUT impacting any other characteristic.
Which screw may I turn?


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    1) The datasheet state 2.0 V minimum. Most of the internal modules are powered from LDOs that take the voltage down to 1.8 V. Having designed a few of the modules on the CC112x I'm surprised that anything works on 1.5 V, most likely none of the internal bias currents and voltages are anywhere near correct. and I would assume that things could collapse just getting a different chip with slightly different transistor parameters. 

    2) Reducing sensitivity will change some other parameters.

    You can look into running in low power mode which turn off one ADC which will impact sensitivity but more than 3 dB (see low-power mode in the datasheet). You can also try playing with the AGC gain, try to set the max gain lower. Or increase the RX BW?