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CC1201: GMSK Transmitter

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My Customer is looking for the following topic:

We need a specific transmitter for the VHF band.

More specifically, we are currently looking for an adjustable integrated GMSK transmitter circuit in the frequency band 136 - 173 MHz with a data-rate of 224kbit/s.

The Texas Instruments TI CC1201 might be able to meet the specifications?

A look in the data-sheet showed that the device is specified for the bands 137-158.3MHz and for the band 164-190MHz.

Is it possible to tune the transmitter to the whole band 136-173MHz? Receiving is not important for us.

If not, is there an alternative?

Best Regards and Thanks


  • Hi Jan

    Due to how the LO divider is programmed, there will be a gap between 158.3 MHz and 164 MHz that can't be used, see chapter 9.12 in the User guide:


  • In reply to Vegard H:

    Hi Vegard, 

    thanks for the response. Do we have a device which can provide the full bandwidth (136-173MHz with 224kbit/s data rate)? 



  • In reply to Jan Bock:

    Hi Jan

    Unfortunately I don't think we have any devices covering the whole range. Can the CC1312 be a option? It can cover 143 to 176 MHz.