LAUNCHXL-CC1312R1: UART Power Consumption

Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC1312R1
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I am using CC1312R collector and sensor example code.

The current consumption of the sensor example code while it is in sleep, shows about 120 uA.

I added UART2 to the sensor example code, following the uart2callback.c example from  TI Resource Explorer web page:

void callbackFunc(UART2_Handle handle, void *buffer, size_t count,void *userArg, int_fast16_t status)

Void uartTask(UArg a0, UArg a1)

char input;
UART2_Handle uart;
UART2_Params uartParams;
uint32_t status = UART2_STATUS_SUCCESS;

/* Create a UART in CALLBACK read mode */
uartParams.readMode = UART2_Mode_CALLBACK;
uartParams.readCallback = callbackFunc;
uartParams.baudRate = 115200;

uart = UART2_open(CONFIG_UART2_0, &uartParams);

while (1) {
    status = UART2_read(uart, &input, 1, NULL);

    if (status != UART2_STATUS_SUCCESS) {
        /* UART2_read() failed */
        while (1);

    /* Wait until read callback executes - Get access to resource */

    Semaphore_pend(semUartHandle, BIOS_WAIT_FOREVER);





While UART2 thread is in Semaphore_pend (system should be in sleep low power) my current consumption is about 1600 uA.

How can I make CC1312 go back to sleep low power while UART thread is waiting to receive a byte?

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