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CC3120BOOST: MSP432P401R + CC3120 Local OTA error during file transfer

Part Number: CC3120BOOST


I followed example and able to communicate to the web server on start up.

this looks great.

after that, i tried upload the tar file generated by the sequence of steps outlined in the example.

When doing it, i noticed some error in the uart console.

please see attachment.

most of the error is -346 [SOCK ERROR].

can you please give some advises on what could be the problem?

i followed the step to regenerate .tar file multiple times.

Thanks and Best Regards,


  • I'm not familiar with this error. I'll need to check the exact cause.

    It seems that this doesn't impact the upload to to the device. Can you confirm?

    It might be related to sending the progress bar information back to the browser (see otaReportServerTask).

    Can you test with non secure connection? (check example code below)

        /* filling the TCP server socket address */
        sLocalAddr.sin_family = SL_AF_INET;
        sLocalAddr.sin_port = sl_Htons((uint16_t)OTA_REPORT_SERVER_PORT);
        sLocalAddr.sin_addr.s_addr = SL_INADDR_ANY;
        addrSize = sizeof(SlSockAddrIn_t);
    #if 1
        sock = sl_Socket(sLocalAddr.sin_family, SL_SOCK_STREAM, 0);
        sock = sl_Socket(sLocalAddr.sin_family, SL_SOCK_STREAM, SL_SEC_SOCKET);
        if(sock < 0)
            UART_PRINT("[ota report task] Error openning socket, %d \n\r", sock);
            goto ota_report_server_restart;
        status =
            sl_SetSockOpt(sock, SL_SOL_SOCKET,
                          SSL_SERVER_KEY, strlen(
        if(status < 0)
            goto ota_report_server_restart;
        status =
            sl_SetSockOpt(sock, SL_SOL_SOCKET,
                          SSL_SERVER_CERT, strlen(
        if(status < 0)
            goto ota_report_server_restart;
        status = sl_Bind(sock, (SlSockAddr_t *)&sLocalAddr, addrSize);



  • hi Kobi,

    thank you so much for your help and suggestion.  i put in your changes.

    it seems that the error went away.

    it failed to update the first time, but it passed the second time.

    please note that i just retried the second time, still keep the same .tar.

    below is the successful OTA (i put word AIR in the application) 

    below is the first failed attempt:

    Based on these experiments, can you please let us know if you can second guess what happened?