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CC3235MODAS: https CC3235MODAS

Part Number: CC3235MODAS
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LAUNCHCC3235MOD, CC3235S

Hi E2E Experts,

I developed PCB with that module and i need the module will fill that tasks:

Task 1 - Communicate with MS Azure Cloud via HTTPS Rest API with OAuth 2.0 (should get bearer token)

Task 2 - Communicate with secured FTP also located in Azure for download Hex/BIN for custom Firmware update for our MCU.

Task 3 - Communicate with MS Azure Cloud via TCP for unsecured messages/information

Task 4 - FOTA for the CC3235 itself, If needed in case new protocol/security patch developed over the next years.

Current achievements:

1. We order LAUNCHCC3235MOD to start working with that before real PCB will arrive.

2. We use the at_commands_CC3235S_LAUNCHXL_freertos_ccs example fast best practice to insure we can trust this module before we get the real PCB with it.

Regards the above required tasks:

Task 1, HTTPS, we didn't find any real example how we can build the command for that.

Task 2, surprisingly we didn't find any mention in the SDK for usage of FTP or SFTP. (ESP32 module was  support of FTP, so it's a critical requirement)

Task 3- no issue

Hope that you will respond all the task can be done.



  • Hello Nir,

    To address your tasks:

    1. We do offer an Azure plugin located here, but you would have to implement AT commands on this plugin yourself.
    2. We do not offer an implementation of FTP or SFTP. There is an OTA example on our SimpleLink Academy that may be helpful to you. 

    Thank you,

  • Hi Jacob,

    Thanks for that, are you working in TI?

    Regards FTP, I mean that I need to download files for update other MCU, not the CC3235, so your OTA example will not relevant for this task.

    I need something that can solve the that, just download files. It's very wired that new module doesn't support that.


  • Hi Nir,

    Just a quick comment. FTP is not a good protocol for such usage. Much better is to use http(s) which is used by TI OTA example. Another good and modern way is to use MQTT.With TI OTA example you can download any other file including binary file for another MCU (see OTA examples for MSP432). Usage of FTP is a best way how went to troubles with firewalls at end users applications.

    But if you still want to implement FTP into CC32xx device, it is relatively easy task. Just find FTP library based on BSD sockets and port it to CC32xx. It is job for 2-3 days if you have experience with CC32xx.


  • Hi Jan,

    So the OTA example can be a generic usage of download BIN/hex file? BTW, I saw that there is 32Mbit of Flash inside the module. Can we write the above binary and write the raw to the flash ? It is accessible for the application in runtime (got data from web socket and write immediately to flash)

    If yes, I would be happy to get some example like that, writing flash in runtime.



  • Hi Nir,

    You can use TI OTA code for download file into sFlash. Another option can be use http(s) client for download. And saving data into sFlash using filesystem API or stream file directly into our MCU. Usage of http(s) client library and fielsystem API is pretty simple task. But why do you want to use web socket (RFC6455) for simple downloading of file? It is much more easer to use simple http GET request.

    • Downloading of files is nicely demonstrated at MSP432 OTA code.
    • Http client library example is inside CC32xx SDK and filesystem API here.