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CC3235MODAS: Doubt about 1Mb flash between CC3235MODAS and CC3235MODASF

Part Number: CC3235MODAS
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: , CC3220SF, CC3220S


How are you? 

We are building a product with CC3235MODAS. It will be controlled by an host mcu by AT commands (firmware from SDK example at command with ti rtos). We bought the evaluation kit for development with the wrong part, CC3235MODASF. It is working great with the kit, but we need to store custom HTML pages inside it (not much, about 200Kb). Are doubt is if, without the 1Mb flash of CC3235MODASF, it will still be possible to put the AT commands firmware + custom HTML pages inside the CC3235MODAS? The HTML pages will not change and will not make changes to the AT commands firmware to increase its size. 

Our understand is that the HTML pages will be store inside de 32Mbit serial flash inside  CC3235MODAS. So, it will not be loaded from flash to RAM and executed there and we not need the 1Mb flash of CC3235MODASF. Also, we can use the development kit of CC3235MODASF, and the firmware wil work the same with CC3235MODAS.

  • Hi,

    You should be fine with CC3235MODAS. At S variant of device is code executed from 256kB RAM. At SF variant is code executed from 1MB XIP flash. Advantage of SF device is that you will be able create bigger code. But if you want to use AT commands example, S variant will have enough space for you. Web pages are stored at same place (at the 4MB SPI flash) regardless is used S of SF variant.

    You will not be able use exact same binary file generated for CC3220SF at CC3220S. Because code is linked for exaction at XIP flash. You will need to change linker file for execution from RAM at CC3220S.


  • Thanks Jan! I think your explanation solved our doubts.  

  • Hi Joao,

    I'll add to Jan's recommendations:

    The HTML pages are stored on the external serial flash and are brought up using the NWP as the HTTP server. To see if you can switch from the SF to the S, you can use the Memory Allocation tool in Code Composer Studio to check the size of your application. As Jan pointed out, you will need to update the .cmd file regardless as you cannot use the same binary.