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CC3120MOD: Last SDK

Part Number: CC3120MOD


We are developing a new device based on CC1352R1 and CC3120MOD. The questions are:

Which SDK should be used for new developments?

According to the official web page of CC3120MOD the last SDK is SIMPLELINK-SDK-WIFI-PLUGIN version

According to the TI Resource Explorer in CCS the last SDK is again SIMPLELINK-SDK-WIFI-PLUGIN version

But in many threads in this forum the last discussed SDK is the SDK for CC32XX devices (SIMPLELINK-CC32XX-SDK version In it there is a binary image for CC31XX devices and in some documents it is mentioned. 

Where is the truth? Does TI intend to have new versions of the last SDK SIMPLELINK-SDK-WIFI-PLUGIN or for all CC31XX and CC32XX devices the SIMPLELINK-CC32XX-SDK should be used?

Definitely there is a confusion.

  • Hi,

    You can use host driver and Service Pack from CC32xx SDK for CC3120 devices without any issue.


  • Yes, the CC31XX plugin is not updated with every CC32XX SDK release.

    However the SP is shared between the 2 devices and you should use the latest one from the CC32XX SDK. 

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the response. It is strange why everywhere the recommended SDK continue to be SIMPLELINK-SDK-WIFI-PLUGIN version

    One more question. 

    Our initial project is based on the SIMPLELINK-SDK-WIFI-PLUGIN. I would like to update the project with the last available SDK (SIMPLELINK-CC32XX-SDK version What is the right procedure in this case.

    1. Download and install the new SDK in c:ti/.

    2. Discover the new SDK in CCS - Windows, Preferences, CCS, available SDKs.

    3. Project settings - replace the old SDK with the new one.

    4. Compile the project.

    5. Create a new WiFi image with the Image Creator using the new bin file from the new SDK. Program the new image in CC3120MOD.

    Could you confirm that this is the right procedure? Do I miss something?

    Note: The initial project was created and ported with the old SIMPLELINK-SDK-WIFI-PLUGIN version

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

  • There is a difference for between the SDK (for CC32xx) and the plugin (for CC31xx) but they both work with the same service pack for the network processor.

    Since the SDK gets updated every quarter (and the plugin not), we recommend to use the latest SP (only the SP) from the latest SDK.

    only 1 is needed. Then install the SP from "C:\ti\simplelink_cc32xx_sdk_5_30_00_08\tools\cc32xx_tools\servicepack-cc3x20\"  using CCS or uniflash. You don't need to do anything else with the CC32xx SDK if you are using cc31xx.

    You don't need to compile anything or port any driver code.

  • Hello,

    I am not sure that I understand you.

    1. You mean that for current projects created with SIMPLELINK-SDK-WIFI-PLUGIN ONLY the SP from the newest SDK should be used ONLY to create and program the new image for the CC3120MOD using the Image Creator. Nothing should be changed in the setting of the project. Do not swap the SDKs in the settings of the CCS project. Am I right?

    2. All new projects should be created using the SIMPLELINK-SDK-WIFI-PLUGIN but the last SP should be used for CC3120MOD. Am I right?

  • SP includes patches for the network processor (the NWP is basically the same in cc31xx and cc32xx and same patches work for both). 

    All the rest of the SDK (and the plugin) is composed of software that runs on the host processor.

    The SDK is composed of software that runs on the CC32xx application M4.

    You use different host - so you should be based on the portable code in the plugin. You can't use the code from the SDK as-is, and we only recommend that you use the latest SP which doesn't require any work on your end.

    I'm not sure if you still have questions. The answer for both your previous question is yes.