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WL1801MOD: Calibrator commands used for certification

Part Number: WL1801MOD

Hello Wifi Champs,

I need help determining what calibrator TX power settings I should use when certifying. 

Here's the background. Customer has a product with WL1801MOD that's already in production and has been shipping for several years. Recently due to supply constraints, the customer was forced to change out the 32K oscillator connected to EXT_32K. The replacement oscillator has the same specs as the original but the customer still has to do some minimal certification testing. 

The problem is, the customer doesn't have the original INI file that was used to create the config.bin nor any details on the certification tests run. The engineer who performed those tasks is no longer with them.

So we have a running system that originally passed certification but now need to re-test and trying to figure out what calibrator commands to run. We have the original config.bin. We tried to use wlconf to dump the contents of the config file but wlconf complained the config file is from an older version and wasn't able to dump the contents. Luckily, the customer has an archived text dump of the binary config file. So we have the original ini settings based n that dump.

I loaded up a BBBW board running Linux kernel 4.19 and ran

Please provide the following information.

Are you using a TI module? [y/n] : y
What is the chip flavor? [1801/1805/1807/1831/1835/1837 or 0 for unknown] : 1835
Should certification Class 2 Permissive Change (C2PC) due to higher antenna gain (max 3.2dBm) be applied? [y/n] : n
How many 2.4GHz antennas are fitted? [1/2] : 2

The device has been successfully configured.
TI Module: y
Chip Flavor: 1835
Number of 2.4GHz Antennas Fitted: 2
Number of 5GHz Antennas Fitted: 0
Diversity Support: n
SISO40 Support: y
Japanese Standards Applied: n
Class 2 Permissive Change (C2PC) Applied: n

I then used wlconf to create a textual dump of the resulting config.bin file. Then I used a diff tool to compare my dump to the customer dump. Most things are the same but there were some slight differences in the following settings




I tried to read through the wlconf document to determine what these differences really mean but really struggling to understand that.

We're not sure what power level we should be using for the calibrator wlan0 wl18xx_plt set_tx_power command. 

Given all of this, I have two questions

1. How can we derive what the TX power should be set to based on our config settings?

2. What calibrator commands were used when TI certified the module?

BTW, this is the original E2E thread on this topic

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