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CC3120MOD: What is the right way/procedure to recompile the Host driver for new MCU

Part Number: CC3120MOD
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC1352R,


We have a device base on CC1352R and CC3120MOD. The project is created before 2 years with WiFi Plugin v2.40.00.22 and SDK CC13x2_26x2 v

Now we would like to update the project with the last WiFi plugin v4.20.00.10 and SDK CC13x2_26x2 v5.20,02.00. What is the right way to compile the host driver? Which files or settings should be modified? We checked and read all possible documents and links without to found the answers.

Our questions are:

1. Is it necessary to recompile the host driver if there is  a new version of XDCtools? Now after all installations of SDKs we have 3 different version, and In that case which version should be used? Probably the newest?

2. Is it necessary to have two versions of the host driver for Release and Debug mode? The default setting in CCS project is Debug.

3. In WiFi plugin there are 2 files simplelink_nortos.projectspec and simplelink_cc26x2_nortos.projectspec. The difference is in DRIVER_PLATFORM=CC26X2 and DRIVER_PLATFORM=SIMPLELINK.

In WiFi plugin v4.20.00.10 there is only one file simplelink_nortos.projectspec. Is it necessary to create a new file with DRIVER_PLATFORM=CC26X2? By the way the file makefile.defs is modified and we don't see where DRIVER_PLATFORM is used.

4. When the project is imported in CCS the compilation is not successful. We discover that in the file imports.mak there is a mistake.

5. Is it necessary the settings of the CCS project to be modified? The MCU is MSP432. In our case it is CC1352R.

6. Which method is the best method to modify the file user.h for different projects with different settings? It is not convenient when you switch between 3-4 projects always to recompile the host driver.

7. We can't use the examples in the last WiFi plugin because for nortos/CC26X2R1_LAUNCHXL there are not any examples. Why? Only one makefile.

Thank you very much for your answers in advance.

  • Hi Angel,

    An expert will follow up with you next week.


  • 1. check the content <SDK-INSTALL-DIR>/import.mak to see the required XDC and other dependent software such as the relevant SimpleLink SDKs (you can also try to update import.mak to use other XDC tools installed).

    2. which host driver are you referring to? the simplelink? Anyway, of course you don't need both - pick the one you prefer to link to.

    3. There are couple of CC26x2R1 example (such as NetworkTerminal and Provisioning) that you can use as a reference.

    4. you may need to update import.mak according to the software installed on your machine 

    5. You can use the provided CC26x2 project spec (see 3) as a reference for the required changes/

    6. you can compile the host driver once (or couple of times) and keep the binaries, then just link the project to the right "simeplelink.a"

    7. I guess there was a decision to stop supporting this. You can use the available CC26X2 makefile to see what are the needed changes (compared to MSP432 makefiles).

  • Hello Kobi,

    Two more questions.

    In the SimpleLink CC31xx/CC32xx Host Driver is written that the user should choose the memory management mode (default Dynamic).

    1. In this case what is the recommended size of the heap? What is the size of the allocated required resources by the function sl_Start?

    2. Are there any disadvantages if we choose the Static model?

  • I don't think we have a number for the required heap size. Since this is related to the application use cases it should be application specific (in the SDK applications we are using 32KB).

    I believe the dynamic memory was mainly added to enable reentrancy.

    If you move to static configuration you will not be able to call SL_ API from an async callback.

    BTW. I don't think the static mode was verified (by TI) since the dynamic mode was added.

  • Hi Kobi,

    One last thing/question.

    Let's see again the Wi-Fi plugin v4.20.00.10 and the library file simplelink.a. How is it compiled? Which SDK is use to be compiled?

    In our device the main MCU is CC1352R. Is it necessary to recompile the host driver and to have a new version of simplelink.a? Should I create a new file simplelink_nortos.projectspec with DRIVER_PLATFORM=CC26X2 in it? Is it correct or not to use directly the default file simplelink.a after the installation of the Wi-Fi plugin?

    By the way, this was the purpose of my first 5 questions in this thread.

    Thanks in advance.

  • The simplelink.a is supposed to work on the simplelink platforms, including CC26x2.

  • Hello,

    After so many specific questions, one common response. Where is the problem? I don't understand. The purpose of this design support forum is to be useful for us - the customers of all TI products.